The different film and video formats

Whether it is an industrial video in the form of a documentary or a report, or a corporate video or a business conversation, I offer you all these journalistic formats. For example, this interview was recorded at a trade fair:

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An industrial video for your website

This industrial video format shows the work of an engineer in his technical laboratory. This allows these customers to see directly which devices are available and the possibilities associated with their orders:

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A video interview about your product

In this interview video about a financial product, I ask any questions your customers may have. They are thus fully informed before the appointment with their advisor:

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New! German and French Voice-over

Your video can be spoken by real people in French and German, as you knew it on TV during simultaneous translation. We send you the final video, all this is possible with us, because hearing one more human voice does not distract too much from your subject. Reading a subtitle is more difficult for the viewer. In this case the video has got a Voice-over in English, so that you can understand it now:

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Your topics - You are my guest

Expand your online presence thanks to professional videos, filmed directly in your company. We will also come to an exhibit show to make your video.

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Your business at the heart of it all

Whether it is a documentary, a report or a business discussion on your topics, we prepare together the items to be discussed. It is on this basis that I write our scenario by addressing you my questions.

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Communication training before filming

During my first visit to your company, I give you a communication training in front of the camera. 55% of communication is purely visual, 38% is voice-based and only 7% is message-based. Your message must therefore be communicated simply and clearly. In the following example in Mandarin, you will notice the importance of visual communication:

欢迎! 你 有 一个 公司. 我 是 法国人 和 德国人. 我 说 法语, 德语 和 英语. 你 需要 一位 国际 代理人. 我 可以做 你们 的 国际 代理人. 联络 我!
联络 我:

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Movie with copyright included

On the day of shooting, we arrange everything with the necessary lighting, cameras, sound and other equipment: you can focus entirely on your role. You don’t have to worry about copyright either, because it’s all part of it

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