Media Training for professionals by professionals

We are a team of official international journalists working on a daily basis on world issues
Our Global Corporate Identity Expertise is a treasure for you to discover, since we speak many languages – this is key in a global business environment

Global Media Strategy. Social Media Architecture. Content creators of multilingual texts, photo caption, video subtitles
In Englisch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italien and Mandarin
We work with native speakers to better target your readers or viewers
Do you want to write a story board, a novel, a book, an essay, a novel, or any belletristic, we have the lectors, and editors to guide you step by step through the character jungle

Newsletter and other publication 
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Coaching Business Model

We work on your Media Plan with a Media Model.
Our model describes how and where you choose to operate.  The model you choose is then detailed in your plan
Interview techniques during a report trip to China
It is important to work on it with an experienced Senior pointing at all the questions you may not have thought of since you could be more “inside the box” than our experts are.
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Coaching Mind Map

A Mind Map is a tool for the brain that captures the thinking that goes on inside your head. Mind mapping helps you think, collect knowledge, remember and create ideas.

A Mind Map helps your activity  get an overview on complicated issues, since it is visualised in one row only.
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