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Freelance Journalist

Hello! My name is Claude Piel. I am an independent journalist offering the best of my professional and cross-media experience.I am postgraduate in Politics, Journalism and Laws in France, Germany. I still have this French accent. I have worked at Radio France Internationale, Schott Glas, ARTE Television, Ford Business TV. I was recently responsible editor of a bimonthly publication in eight languages distributed in 27 countries with a circulation of one million copies. Today I am an internationally recognized author, moderator, and television producer adviser to the United Nations.

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Storytelling, lectures and Keynote about geopolitics, millennials, the environment, peace or your very topic, whether in English, German, or French, I always prepare myself meticulously. True stories are often strategically used to make information come to life.

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Book Author

There are almost as many books about water as there are drops of water in the ocean. “The Battle For Water” describes the past/current/upcoming global conflicts and wars over water and solutions to end these. My book was presented at the United Nations 2023 Water Conference in New York.

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Content Creation

For example, a video provides your customers with a better understanding of your business. Made by professional for professionals, including script, interview, shooting, any copyrights. Business videos are not only informational, but also important to your marketing strategy.

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Moderation is The discipline when it comes to journalism: You need to be focused, retrospective, inductive and deductive with empathy and determination. Here, I moderate on the subject of the EU and Brexit with a panel discussion and questions from the German audience.