Your Premium Business Videos

The Making of Your Business Video

  • The video’s duration is between 2 and 5 Minutes for each interview
  • The video begins with your logo and your topic as Titel (Intro)

  • Your Name and Position as CEO appears as a subtitle at least two times in the video

  • Your Company Logo, Internet address,  E-mail, contact details are at the end of the video (outro)

  • The last screen is for the Music Credit and our video production

  • Start now Strengthen Your Online Presence with High-Quality Professional Videos!

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CEO Interview Coaching

  • 55% of communication is visual (body language),
  • 38% of communication is your voice (tone, inflection),
  • and only  7% is verbal content

  • It is therefore key to regularly revisit your image and that of your company.
  • Together we will enhance your image under real conditions in front of the camera
  • You will spend one day with our expert team and train your intonation, body language and other techniques.
  • To be relaxed in front of the camera for a photo or a video, and on stage.
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