Your Video Reportage Interview Documentation

The Making of Your Business Video

Your Topics. You as Guest.
The film shoot takes place at your office
This could be our film set at your location
Together we prepare the script with the questions and train on them in front a camera. We coach you half a day about one month before the shoot
The film crew comes to you at your company.
The video is made of  your topics and the editor’s questions. The video’s duration is between 2 and 5 Minutes
With Dr. Harald Schreckenberger CEO Ibekor in Munich
Your Name and Position as CEO appears as well as your Company
Mit Andreas Burk Personalberater und Geschäftsführer der BURK CONSULT GMBH in Gladenbach,
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With Dirk Naumann Vermögensmanagement

CEO Interview Coaching

55% of communication is visual (body language)
Training in front of the camera
38% of communication is your voice (tone, inflection)
Weißabgleich fürs Licht – White Balance for the light
and only  7% is verbal content
Film set with cameras, light, control screens and positions
It is therefore key to regularly revisit your image under real conditions in front of the camera

You will spend one day with our expert team and train your intonation, body language and other techniques.
With H.E. Ambassador Buddhi K. Athauda. He was awarded Diplomat Magazine’s Certificate of Merit, in recognition of his many contributions to the diplomatic community in The Hague, The Netherlands
To be relaxed in front of the camera for a photo or a video, and on stage.
Frankfurter Press Club
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