Book on Water Conflicts

Water conflicts – the Challenge of the 21st. Century

Water is the foundation of all life. It is true that about 70 percent of our blue planet is covered with water, but only three percent of it is drinkable freshwater, of which only a third is usable for humans. Since the 1960s, worldwide water consumption has doubled, but the resources have not grown with it. Around two billion people in the world today already have no regular access to clean water. The global warming caused by climate change and the simultaneous growth of the world’s population were leading to a dramatic increase in the situation. Water will become an increasingly scarce resource in the future: A quarter of the world’s population is threatened with an acute shortage of water. In addition: Ohne Wasser can also not exist Landwirtschaft, so dass Hungernöte bevorstehen. Experts speak of “water stress” as a cause of hunger, conflicts and migration. If you believe that North Africa and the Middle East were mainly affected by this, you are greatly mistaken. Water stress is also most noticeable in Europe. In this book, the author analyzes precisely what will happen to us if we fail to solve the “water problem”. It also shows how a worldwide water supply can be ensured in the future.

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Peace and War

Eight authors member of the Diplomatic Council give their views on the global challenges to come

Eight authors, all members of the Diplomatic Council, a global think tank that advises the United Nations, jointly designed a sketch of our future. Excitingly told, a complete picture is created with the most important trends until 2030 and beyond. Excerpt from the theme spectrum: Lessons from Corona, power struggle China vs. USA, die Gefahr eines Dritten Weltkrieg, Power and Powerlessness of the United Nations, vom Umweltschutz bis zur Biokatastrophe, Rückkehr der Atomenergie, digitale Disruption voraus, Cyberwar – Attack der Hacker, Aufbruch ins All, Chancen und Riskien der Gentechnik, Privacy vs. Big Brother, Cyborgs and Humanoids, the Struggle for Balance between Security and Freedom, the End of the Mantra of Eternal Growth in the Economy, Interim Manager as the Leaders of the Future, Abschaffung des Gelds, the Role of Cryptocurrencies in the Future Financial System, Which Ways Must Stole Europe to have a future? “We don’t want to take thinking away from the readership, but encourage it in the opposite way”, are the authors Andreas Dripke, Hang Nguyen, Claude Piel, Detlef Schmuck, Dr. Harald Schönfeld, Stephanie Stoerk, Helmut von Siedmogrodzki and Dr. Horst Walther finally.

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 394781836X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3947818365
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