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On your homepage you write on the topic of Deutsche Lichtmiete. Could you tell us more?
Ecological investment is coming more and more en vogue, people are taking on responsibility for investing, they want to do environment good. Deutsche Lichtmiete is an owner-managed company based in Oldenburg that produces LED lighting for large-scale industry, ie for large-scale bakeries, steel construction companies, parking garages, and make a high contribution to environmental protection.
How can I practically imagine that?
As a customer, you can buy these lighting systems. It is not fund or certificate. You have these own real light systems, they are rented back. You get a fixed lease with a quarterly rent. It’s like renting an appartement managed by a general tenant, but with less risk and stress.
How does it work as an investor?
The companies rent these lighting systems. They do not buy them, they rent them. They have a power saving of 60-70%, so they have a huge cash inflow. Even after rent, a cash flow of 20-25% remains. You do not need a caretaker to replace lamps. Because their lifetime is just very long. We have great acceptance. We even have delivery problems. The demand for these systems is high. They are recyclable, repairable, they are made in Germany to the highest standards of aerospace engineering, not comparable to some other productions. The company Deutsche Lichtmiete has existed for more than a decade, and will already save 200,000 t of CO2 over the next four years with the installed light output: that’s good for the environment, of course.