The Presenter Storytelling Motivation Interviews 联络 我!

Claude Piel is “the presenter “. She is a journalist and Diplomatic Council Business Consul for Diplomacy and Peace. Thus she has United Nations Consultative Status (UN org). She loves Storytelling, Motivational Speaking, Interviews and Moderation. As a journalist her topics are for example: Peace, Diplomacy, Business and Wealth. She works in many languages: English, French and German, Chinese Mandarin, some Portuguese and Spanish. Humour Wealth and Happiness are the Pillar of Friendship and Peace. 你 有 一个 公司. 我 是 法国人 和 德国人. 我 说 法语, 德语 和 英语. 你 需要 一位 国际 代理人. 我 可以做 你们 的 国际 代理人. 联络 我!
Content Speaking is her speciality with a long term experience and some diplomas like:  a Master in Information and Development Paris Assas, a Master in Politics and a Master in Journalism both in Mainz, Germany, as well as a Bachelor of Lawsin France. Book her if you can!

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