Millennium Children – “They Care About Us” (1) One Room Shelter


Millennium Children are today in the year of 2018 over 18 years old. Most of Millennium Children were not born in the so called Western world. They were born in Asia or Africa. On the African continent for example, the median age of the whole population today is 19 years old. Thus let us imagine how it can be: To walk in the shoes of one of those Millennium Children, who had not any chance to grow up in a great surrounds like me in Paris and see how it feels like.
Imagine you are one Millennium Children. You are four years old. You live in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Kinshasa or Mogadishu at your parents house. Your house is a one-room shelter. You share it with your parents and many of your brothers and sisters. You all sleep. You all wake up. You all eat in this same tiny one room. When it is dark: You all go to sleep. Because there is no light any more. And it is not easy to find clear water to drink. You like to sit and play in front of the house. You play with some strange objects. You don’t see the garbage and dirt around you. Because this is your world! But most of the time, you cannot sit and play. Because you have to help your family earn for a living. Claude Piel speaks about Millennium Children at the gala 2018 of the Diplomatic Council (UN org).

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